Water volleyball

Water volleyball


Water volleyball (also called pool and acqua volleyball) is competitive fine-tuned middle-court oriented water game. It is played in countries with a temperate or tropical climate and sometimes cold climates. Water volleyball is both an individual and team sport. It can be played between two teams, each team consisting of 1 to 4 players, depending on the area of water in which the game is being played, however the teams must be equal.
Tournaments are played mainly in June and July, with exception of Germany, where such tournaments are played in November. However, there are already some interesting association of water volleyball. Cradle of the volleyball is Texas and Lombardia. US associations of water volleyball, World Association of Water Volleyball Clubs (WAWV) as world-wide platform and Association of Water Volleyball Professionals (ASWVP), based Austin, Texas.Texas particularly Austin has widespread practice of water volleyball. Water Volley Italia has organized respectively Turneo Santa Marinella 2008-2011, Turneo di volleyball, Foro Italico.

Practice of outdoor tournaments is as well present in Italy, with the most prominent:I Tornei Di Acqua, Benveneto, La Uisp, Torneo di calcio e volley in acqua, Festa Lungofiume, Imola, Torneo di calcio e volley sull’acqua, Polinago, Modena, Torneo volante di pallavolo in acqua, San Luigi e Sant’Agnese – Cernusco Lombardone, Toreno di pallavolo in aqcua, USSG Sartirana, Merate, Torneo di aquavolley, Campoli Appenino, Lazzio, Volley team Brianza, Torneo di splash volley, Tabiago, Nibionno, Torneo di Acqua Volley, Veneto, Italia, Aqcua Volley Games, Bagnara di Romagna,Torneo di pallavolo in acqua nel parco dell’Isonzo, Turriaco. Interesting intramurals in Germany: Wasservolleyballturnier Bad Karlshafen, Wasservolleyballturnier der JC Müllrose, Wasservolleyballturnier de DLRG, Schaumburg. World-wide in: Beach Palace Cancun, Wollogong Campus, Australia, Pascack Valley Swim Club, Club Hotel RIU Bachata, Dominican Republic, Sao Jose de Mipibu in Rio Grande do Norte, or Prima Sol El Mehdi in Tunisia.

It has emerged from recreational pool activities, sports, aquatic clubs, water parks, through the practice of unification of the beach and water tournaments. Disney aqua park had already in nineties pool volleyball entertainment. DLRG- Ortsgruppe Havixbeck, has organized first water volley tournament in 1985, creating by-so water volleyball club. US has on its own developed powerful swimming pool play, creating volley standards. Water Volleyball is played throughout US Universities, such as: San Diego University, California, Iowa State University, Iowa, University of South Florida, St. Petersburg, Lenoir-Rhyne University, N. C., Lindsey Wilson College, Columbia.

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